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MAS.S71/15.S73  Future Commerce ~ Rebooting Markets & Money, Transactions & Security

Fall 2016

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Instructors: Alex Paul Pentland, David Shrier, Joost Paul Bonsen

Lecture:  T 1-2:30pm  (E14-633)        


Future Commerce is an H1 offering -- first half of the Fall 2016 semester.  Please spread the word and join us at first class on Tuesday September 13th at 1pm up in Media Lab top-floor E14-633.

Latest draft Future Commerce Syllabus & Calendar is online under Materials section here on Stellar.

Also, please visit the Future Commerce class Facebook group -- -- for sharing non-confidential ideas around new markets, moneys, methods, and anything else related to technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and the future of commerce, exchange, investments, and financial services.



Please add your info to FC16 Participant Information & Interest Sheet...

All participants in MIT Future Commerce Fall 2016 (H1) should fill in this info & interest survey ASAP.  The results will be shared among classmates so as to encourage cross-connection making, sending one another informational or other emails, and class project teambuilding...

Announced on 12 September 2016  8:05  p.m. by Joost Paul Bonsen