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9.455/15.128/20.454/MAS.883  Revolutionary Ventures ~ Inventing & Deploying Transformative Technologies

Fall 2017

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Instructors: Edward Stuart Boyden, Ed Boyden, Joseph JACOBSON, Joost Paul Bonsen

Lecture:  R2-4  (E15-341)        



RV17 ~ Second Assignment

Due:  9/28/17
Go exploring… Find a compelling, unexploited, on campus (e.g. Harvard / MIT) recent breakthrough / development that has the potential to be turned into a revolutionary venture.  Meet the people behind the breakthrough.  Develop a short form (i.e. brief essentials) business plan of how the breakthrough gets rolled out and how it scales over time.  Detail in what way(s) your venture meets the criterion of being ‘Revolutionary’.

Announced on 17 September 2017  10:31  a.m. by Joost Paul Bonsen

RV17 ~ First Assignment

RevVen Assignment #1  Issued: 9/7/17
Due: 9.14.17
[1] What is your definition of what makes a venture / idea revolutionary?
[2] Apply your criterion to 5 of the Technology Review’s 50 Smartest Companies (e.g. Nvidia, 23andMe, iFlytek etc.) which of these are/are not revolutionary and why?
[3] Use your definition to write an algorithm to define the best ideas / inventions in the patent database.  What is the best idea of all time?
Update:  The goal is to write a schematic for an algorithm (e.g. pseudo code or even just a description of the algorithm).

Announced on 09 September 2017  5:54  p.m. by Joost Paul Bonsen

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Announced on 06 September 2017  3:31  p.m. by Joost Paul Bonsen