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MAS.S63  MIT Urban Ventures ~ Commercializing Innovations for Clean, Green, Responsive Cities

Fall 2011

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Instructors: Joost Paul Bonsen, Kent Larson

Lecture:  W 1-3 P.M.  (E14-525)        


Summary – Urban Ventures (UV) is an exploratory entrepreneurship seminar, an Action Lab on founding, financing, and building high-impact viable ventures that will improve urban living. The core class assignment is to research and prepare a business plan and presentations for either an intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial urban venture (i.e. within an existing firm or a stand-alone startup).

Core SectorsHealth & Wellness, Energy & Sustainable Cities, Education & Creativity, Future Commerce, Civic Engagement, and other innovations ranging in scale from Smart
Phones to Smart Cities.

Example CasesGreen Developments, Asset Sharing, Future Grid, Creative Workspaces, Mass Customization, Mobility, Gaming, GeoCommerce.

Seminar Description – We seek entrepreneurial solutions to the problems and challenges of future cities with special emphasis on opportunities provided by new technologies and methods. Humanity is urbanizing at a rate of roughly one Manhattan per month. Rethinking and reinventing how we move, how we live, our building systems, food sourcing, being energy effective, and many others are problems needing solutions. UV is about commercialization – i.e. getting those proto- type solutions widely spread into the marketplace.

Expected Student Deliverables – We expect students to identify a prime opportunity – drawn from MIT Living Labs sister class, research at MIT more generally, or elsewhere – and craft a business plan and collateral material worthy of submission in the MIT IDEAS and the $100K Entrepreneurship Competitions in the Fall and Spring. We encourage the most promising teams to spend IAP and/or the Summer as a Special Project to further research and actually start their new venture. Additional financial support through Action Grants is possible.

Enrollment -- Open to dedicated students who commit to active attendance, the readings, the necessary independent research, crafting the executive summary, and personally doing something substantive towards sustainable urbanization worldwide.

The MIT Urban Ventures seminar is coordinated with MAS.552J / 4.557  MIT Living Labs -- -- and we share several guest speaker sessions in common.

More Info -- Scan over our sites for more info -- -- and feel free to forward this description to students from any department at MIT (or peer schools up or across the Charles River) who you know would especially appreciate this opportunity. And join us on Thursday mornings this Fall 2011 starting Sept 7th at 1pm in E14-525 in new Media Lab building.

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