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4.557/MAS.552  Changing Cities ~ How to Prototype New Urban Systems

Fall 2014

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Instructors: Ramiro Almeida, Ryan C. C. Chin, Kent Larson

TAs: Luis Alonso, Daan Archer, Joost Paul Bonsen, Waleed Fathi Gowharji, Wolfgang Gruel, Caleb Harper, Daniel Harple, Hasier Larrea Tamayo, Michael Chia-liang Lin, Jennifer Saura, Carson Smuts, J. Ira Winder

Lecture:  W2-5  (E14-341)        


This course focuses on five “How to” modules:

  1.  How to prototype autonomous, shared, electric mobility systems

  2.  How to prototype hyper-efficient, transformable spaces (robotic architecture)

  3.  How to prototype controlled environment urban food systems

  4.  How to realize computational urbanism using augmented tangible models

  5.  How to quantify innovation, entrepreneurship, and creative vitality in cities

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City Science Lunch Talk - tomorrow 12:30

There is a lunch talk hosted by City Science before class on Wednesday starting at 1230pm. We were originally going to have the guests speak in class only, but decided to expand it to a larger audience. If you don’t have a class conflict before, please attend. Lunch will be provided.

It’s important that you register (and soon) so that we can order the proper amount of lunch.

Speakers: José Luis Vallejo and Belinda Tato
Talk Title: Networked Urbanism
Date: Wednesday, November 12th
Time: 1230-200pm (note the time change from last week)
Location: E15-368

PLEASE RSVP by Tuesday, Nov 11th using the link below:

José Luis Vallejo and Belinda Tato are founding members of ecosistema urbano, a Madrid-based group of architects and urban designers operating within the fields of urbanism, architecture, engineering, and sociology. Their approach might be termed as “urban social design”: they engage the design of urban environments, spaces, and dynamics in order to improve self-organization of citizens, social interaction within communities, and people’s relationship with the environment.

Ecosistema’s recent projects include, The Landscape and Urban transformation of the Voronezh Sea in Russia, one of the largest urban Reservoirs in the world, the Plan for the Architectural, Environmental and Socio-economic redevelopment for the historical centre of Asunción in Paraguay, the new experimental Educational Centre for Reggio Children Foundation (Reggio Emilia); and Dreamhamar, a network design project for the main square of Hamar (Norway).

They have received more than 40 awards in international design competitions.
Since 2010, they are visiting professors at Harvard Graduate School of Design and they have recently published "Networked Urbanism", a book about the different studios they taught.

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Reading Assignment #1

TRIUMPH OF THE CITY reading assignment has been posted. Please let us know if you have any problems with Stellar.

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